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  • What Is Mobile Dog Grooming?

    Here's What You Need To Know

    Grooming is the set of techniques used to maintain the dog's coat's good condition, guaranteeing its hygienic and healthy well-being and giving it a style following its breed.


    Grooming is a term of American origin that means to brush, prepare, or groom. It is everything we can do to make our dogs look beautiful and comfortable.


    Grooming itself covers everything that has to do with the bathroom, Trimming (haircut according to the breed standard or physical conformation) that can be by machine (Clipping) or with scissors (Scissoring) and hand (Stripping).


    Grooming Steps


    1. Preparation

    Before starting a grooming session, you have to remove any knots in the coat, control and eliminate parasites, and monitor the skin, ears, teeth, and eyes' general condition. Pets should be thoroughly brushed before bathing.


    2. Bath, Massage, and Drying

    A regular bath encourages healthy skin and a shiny coat. It also helps to remove dead hair and prevents hair debris in the home and foul odors. Preferably, shampoos specially designed for their texture, length, and color should be used. Shampoos specially designed for dogs have a PH different from that of humans.

    If necessary, a conditioner or mask will be applied to detangle or add volume to the hair. In cases with parasites, it is advisable to apply an antiparasitic lotion.


    3. Emptying of the Perianal Glands

    This grooming step creates controversy. For some experts, the perianal glands' emptying should not be carried out because it is the same animals that empty them, and a substance is produced in them that lubricates the feces. However, some pets need help emptying them when too much fluid builds up.

    In any case, it is a step to take into account, it is recommended to empty the perianal glands if they are too full of secretions, thus avoiding accumulation or excess fluid.


    4. Ear Cleaning and Plucking

    A dog's ears should always be a cause for concern, especially in those dogs with long, floppy ears. These are very sensitive and susceptible to infection, excessive wax build-up, and parasite infestation. Cleaning with appropriate products will eliminate most problems, but if itching and/or odor persists, you should see your veterinarian.


    Groomers thoroughly check their pets' ears. Before cleaning, it is often necessary to remove the hair inside the ear canal using the plucking technique. Infections generally occur dampness in the ear fostered by poor air circulation.


    5. Genitals Cleaning:


    The genital area is shaved since it is one of the body parts that gets the most dirt.


    6. Pedicure:


    In dog grooming, the care of your dog's nails is also taken into account. Some dogs mistreat their nails when they run and play outdoors, but in many other cases, it is necessary to trim their nails to avoid accidental damage. In this step, the nails are trimmed, including the dewclaws, and the interdigital hair is removed.


    7. Eye cleaning:


    It begins by eliminating secretions and any type of dirt in the eyes, and then the excess hair in the area is eliminated.


    8. Trimming:


    Trimming is the last step applied to the animal and is specific to each breed. It encompasses all the arrangements and haircuts used to style and emphasize the breed's aesthetics and canons.


    Now you know the process for our Christchurch mobile dog grooming service - we come to you!

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