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Do Dogs Like Being Groomed?

Do dogs like being groomed? This answer is really based on several different factors. The truth of the matter is that some dogs may like grooming and some may not like grooming. It is the same in life with humans, as some humans may like a certain thing and some may not. That is the way it is with dogs when it comes to the world of grooming.

If dogs are used to being petted and cuddled, if they get lots of attention and if you brush them gently on a regular basis, they will likely enjoy grooming. But if your dog is not used to lots of attention due to you being busy or because your dog is more of a guard dog, then the dog may not like to be groomed.

Or if the dog is not used to being brushed all that often, then the dog may not like being groomed.

It also depends on the personality of the dog. Some dogs are more friendly toward humans and favor cuddles and human interaction that is sociable. Such dogs may like being groomed. Dogs with more aggressive natures, which are more trained for various types of guard duty and services may not like being groomed as much.

It is easy to brush dogs with short and medium hair. As a result, they may not mind being groomed.

However, dogs with long hair may get their hair tangled in the brush and, therefore, could sense more pulling of their skin. They may not like grooming as much. But if the brushing and grooming are done gently with dogs that have long fur in such a way without tangling the fur or tugging on the skin, then the dogs may become rather fond of grooming.

It cannot be denied that grooming is an essential need for all dogs. That is why it is wise for owners of dogs to take their dogs to professional groomers and to also do good grooming at home with their dogs on a regular basis. The fact is that most dogs like how they feel after they are groomed at home or after they are groomed by a professional dog groomer, though they may not like some of the processes of the grooming.

One way to get your dog to like grooming more is to make it a positive experience as possible. Thus, you can get all excited when you talk to your dog about grooming and make your voice sound as happy as possible. Your mood often will translate to the mood that your dog also exhibits toward certain topics or issues. Thus, if your dog sees you presenting grooming as a fun and positive experience, then your dog will likely enjoy grooming.

Speak gently to your dog during the grooming process. Provide treats when you mention grooming, when you do grooming and when your dog goes to a professional dog groomer. It is a great idea to praise your dog before and after the grooming process. This reinforces the grooming experience as being something positive for your dog and your dog may become more comfortable with grooming.

Contact us to book a session for your dog’s grooming. We care about all the dogs that come to us. We make your dog’s experience as positive as possible and we know how to make your dog become comfortable with the process of grooming. Also, your dog will look and feel great, which means a happy dog is the end result.

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