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How Often Should Your Dog Get Groomed?

Having your dog groomed is one of the proper ways to ensure that it attains optimal health and live longer. Any new or potential pet owner will grapple with a myriad of questions on adequately taking care of their pet dog. One such question is: How often should dogs get groomed? In case you've fallen into the growing list of dog owners and are grappling with the same question, you are in the right place. This article highlights all that you need to know when it comes to grooming.

There's no one size fits all answer to such a question since several factors come into play. Such factors include the age and type of your dog.

The Type of Dog

When we talk about the type, we are referring to the breed. The frequency will depend on the kind of fur. Dogs with longer hair will require frequent grooming to prevent matting and entry into your dog's eyes.

Further, the frequency at which you clip your dog's nails also depends on the breed. All this information pertaining to their genetics and history can be obtained from their dog shelter's medical records.

More importantly, if you cant determine your dog's breed, you can always judge by the type of coat.

As a rule of thumb, dogs with smooth coats require less grooming.

Double coat dogs such as rottweilers and border collies are more demanding than their smooth coat counterparts. They may come in both short and long fur.

Wire coat furs are most demanding with dogs, such as terriers being susceptible to tangles and mats.

You'll need to determine whether they come in long silky, or coarse coat before you develop a strict grooming regimen for the long coats. Long silky coats grow continuously. A close trim will last 2-3 months, but if you prefer to leave an inch, you'll probably be back in 4-6 weeks to prevent mats.

Long course coats aren't susceptible to mats and can go for as long as 3 months between grooming sessions.

Curly coats are the mother of all. Such curly that's past half an inch will require brushing, at least bi-weekly. Beyond half an inch, you'll be required to use a soft brush daily. The poodle and Bichon Frise fall under such a category and need grooming every four to six weeks.

Breeder Recommendations.

To answer how often should dogs get groomed, check in with your breeder about the best grooming regimen. They should know about your dog's shedding habits and breed needs, thus recommending the best grooming schedule.

Groomer Recommendations

Your groomer is indeed the best-placed person to inform you of the frequency of your grooming session. Services such as nail and dental clipping, brushing, and washing can be done on a rotating basis in line with your convenience.


Some puppy parents gladly welcome the idea of grooming by themselves, while others prefer to let the professionals handle it. Groomers can also help you come up with a customized grooming regimen and calendar suitable for your dog.

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