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Why Use A Professional Mobile Dog Groomer?

Most dog owners mull over the idea of taking their dog pets to a salon or enlisting a mobile dog groomer. Why use a professional mobile dog groomer, and a mobile one for that matter?


Most dog owners have quite busy lifestyles. Mobile grooming services beats salons hands down by offering convenience. They’re only a call away. You could drop your dog while handling groceries and other activities. Your life doesn’t stop at the groomers. Salons tend to take more time due to long pet queues.

Fast and efficient

Mobile dog groomers efficiently handle their business, freeing up your time to indulge in other activities. You won’t need to idly spend your hours compared to the salon since there are no queues.

Personal connection between you, your dog, and the groomer

Professional groomers set aside time for your dog. Since there are no competing tasks, your dog gets all the pampering and undivided attention. It creates a positive experience that the dog looks forward to rather than dread. You could compare it to a meeting with friends.

Lack of cages

Since mobile groomers handle their business quickly, there’s no use of cages to separate dogs. Most salons separate dogs in cages to limit conflict. Such conditions are stressful and may leave an unpleasant experience in the dog’s mouth. Some dogs may develop certain uncommon behaviors after such experiences.

Disease reduction

Veterinary services advocate for dog grooming compared to salons due to their clean nature and less crowding. The recent dog flu epidemic that afflicted pets should be an attestation to this. Such an epidemic could be manageable through animal de-congestion.

Added beneficial services.

Some dog groomers may be professionals such as veterinarians. They engage in dog grooming as a side hustle during their free time. In such situations, the pet owner will be at an advantage since they tend to get more bang for their cash. Such groomers inspect the dog’s overall care, underlying conditions, and offer practical advice on proper management. In some instances, dog owners further get prescriptions of medications at the end of their session.

Comfortable and stylish interior

Most mobile pet groomers have attractive, customized vans that create an overwhelmingly comfortable experience to canines. In a bid to outdo each other, the groomers put their best foot forward in attracting clients. Dog owners get spoilt for choice, and this means that the services can only be superior.

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